Tremenda Corporea had its initial moment in March 2020, on the last event before covid 19 made further events impossible: Victor, Icaro and Carla found out that they all share the wish to play in an experimental music group. Paradoxically, Icaro and Victor had applied to an open call of Schwankhalle, where there rejection turned out to be a opportunity for Tremenda Corporea. Instead of actually getting selected and funded Schwankhalle offered the rehearsal spaces and stages to them, to that time unused because of the pandemic. Together with Carla and Rahel, they undertook a collaborative exploration process circling around the topic of resonance. A year later, in summer of 2021 they invited for a sonic walk around the Werdersee and a ceramic/ sound installation, titled “Bodies of Resonance”. A bit later, the recorded sound material got reactivated within the frame of a sound performance at aRaum, a temporary project space in Bremen. This place was a cellphone shop before and is a chicken imbiss now. 
Collectively caring for a wild diverse garden, they work on projects together as well as supporting each other on their individual paths. During their time at the aRaum, Carla used the space one afternoon to move with a very heavy piece of clay. This turned out to be the starting point for her ongoing research practice on molding and being molded. Back then, the four attempted at carrying this massive block of clay across the busiest street crossing of Bremen. Paradoxical Myth. Kidneys - intro to Edgar - Forum, Mentorship, Rehearsal periods at Tabak, festival. Lecture Performance. Lauenburg.
(sadly there was nice weather in Bremen, page will continue its construction soon) 

Learning to play frisbee

I watch your whole body read
the arc and the speed that signals
your readiness like an animal’s
unafraid alertness,

your soft hands that do not block
the curve of the throw
but complete it.

(excerpt of a poem by Gabeba Baderoon that inspires us)


Tremenda Corporea is a collective of five interdisciplinary artists, working in the interplay of performance, technology, design, and sonic explorations. Coming from different academic and cultural backgrounds, such as fine arts, designs and dance. They explore collective methodologies of creation, where decisions are often a result of intense processes of experimentation and dialogue. Their process often includes ways of coming together, between hybrid and in-presence sessions of creating scores, compositions, performances, and situations of sharing. Our collaboration is driven by the wish to dive into our relation to nature, climate crisis and the human/non-human world. Their members come from Latin America and Europe and are currently based in Berlin and Bremen. 

The collective plays with an almost non-intentional process of documenting, reflecting, performing, moving, volcanoing, reading, eating, creating. We use scores as fluid narrative structures that bring our bodies together. In the context of documentation, scores accommodate variations of instability and stability we are interested in exploring. Since a score can be performed in infinite variations, we find ourselves in a process where our bodies are naturally enjoying the partly knowing. We almost never know with complete certainty the outcome of the score. We cherish this 

    process of,


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